A redesign of a women's clinic website

Disclaimer: I do not work for Women’s Care Center, nor was I contracted for this project. I did this project purely out of interest and desire to practice my design skills.

Women’s Care Center is an organization that provides free services and resource for pregnant women. The organization has 34 centers across the United States.

Upon navigating their website, I was curious if I could come up with a different solution than they did. For this project, I took on the role of web designer, though I was not hired by Women’s Care Center. This project is purely for educational purposes.

For this project, I used Figma since it is not only a great design tool, but a prototyping tool as well. 

From start to finish, this project took about 8 weeks to complete. I began with studying Women’s Care Center’s current site, then performed some competitive analysis. I created a moodboard for my version of the site and laid out the information architecture before moving on to the web, tablet, and mobile prototypes. After the prototypes were complete, I conducted some user testing as well. 

My goal for this project was to create a user-friendly, updated website focusing on helping women in need that could be easily accessible on various devices.

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